Project Runway

Apparently this show has been running for several seasons. I watched most of the first show for this new season while working out on the elliptical machine in my hotel in California last week. I was listening to music on my iPod but I think I managed to catch most of the plot. A bunch of people who think they are designers, some of whom with severe substance abuse issues, sit around cutting pieces of fabric and trying to make them fit over mannequins. Some of these people get stressed out and bitchy with themselves and each other. Eventually they have a fashion show where they force models to wear these clothes and one of them gets kicked out.

Lindsay Lohen (remember her?) was the “guest celebrity” and she managed to say a few intelligent things about the designs. I kind of wonder who watches this stuff, but obviously enough people for it to survive more seasons than the original Star Trek! I went back to my hotel room to watch the fashion show and see who got booted. Just when I thought things were pretty boring, the next show which comes on is “the runway models of project runway” or something like that. Wow, I never would have thought they could come up with this stuff: dull and duller. At least the runway folks have to cut and sew, but the models just sit around worrying about who is going to cut and sew the best. Intense.

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