Letter to my MP, Peter Braid

Stephen Harper ‘proroged’ parliament (stopped it). Normally everyone would be back to work tomorrow, but now they get an extra month and a half off work, and can see the olympics and saunter in by March. I wrote a letter to my conservative MP Peter Braid.

Here is my original letter:

Peter: I live in downtown Kitchener so I am in your riding and wanted to voice my extreme displeasure with your leader’s action of proroguing parliament. This is an insult to the intelligence of the Canadian voters. I’m most upset that all the committees that are currently meeting are dissolved and legislation is stalled as well. and what kind of example is this to the rest of Canadians who have to WORK during this time?

Ted Parkinson

Here is Peter Braid’s reply:

Dear Mr. Parkinson,
 Thank you for your e-mail. I apologize for the delay in responding.
The prorogation of Parliament is a routine part of the parliamentary cycle.  This normal, constitutional event has occurred 104 times in Canadian history, including 4 times under the previous Liberal government.   Prorogation simply means that we start a new session of Parliament, beginning with a Throne Speech that will set a focused agenda for the country.
In the interim, all MPs will have the opportunity to consult more extensively with constituents in preparation for the budget that will be tabled on March 4th. I will be making effective use of this time in the riding, meeting with constituents, businesses and community groups. This is one of my most important responsibilities.
Over the past year, Canada’s Economic Action Plan has accomplished a great deal, and has placed our country on the road to recovery. In the upcoming session, the government’s economic priorities will be: completing the implementation of the Economic Action Plan, returning the federal budget to balance once the economy has recovered, and building the economy of the future.
Thank you for writing.
Peter Braid, MP

Here is my final letter:

Peter: thank you for your reply. It sounds like it was cut and pasted from the Office of the Prime Minister. Despite the fact the prorogation is an available option, and has been used previously, Stephen Harper’s use of it in this case is  NOT ‘routine’ as you say.  If you maintain that position you are ignoring not only the opposition, but most of the editorials in our newspapers and several political scientists. You are also ignoring the thousands of Canadians who protested this action yesterday at rallys across the country.
I attended the anti-prorogation rally in waterloo yesterday and the organizers said they had sent invitations to the 4 conservative MPs representing our ridings and not one of you attended. I guess you were too busy ‘ meeting with constituents, businesses and community groups’ and could not find the time to address the 300 or more people who where there.
36 pieces of legislation died because of your leader’s action. Some had been debated for hours, others had been debated for days. All that time has been lost. It is interesting you are taking credit for the Economic Action Plan, a plan that would not have existed if the opposition hadn’t threatened to kick the conservatives out.
I hardly need to remind you that you won this riding by only 18 votes. Think of that margin as you continue to blindly follow your leader’s orders and use his rhetoric.
Ted Parkinson

I am also attaching a photo of me at the rally in downtown Waterloo.

2 responses to “Letter to my MP, Peter Braid

  1. Laverne Rasmuson

    BRAVO; well stated. Good on you!!

  2. apeaceofconflict

    I received that exact same stock letter, repeatedly and wrote about that and my frustrating meeting with him here:

    I also started this group http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=353757286135&ref=mf. Peter Braid only won by 17 votes. Let’s change 18 people’s minds!

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