The American Idol Experiment

A couple of Facebook friends mentioned they actually liked this show and what a great season it was this year. I decided to be the fairest guy I could and actually watch a show and post my musings about each singer. I’ve never before watched an entire show. And I wound up not watching this one either, but I gave it a good shot.

I think the singers are all quite good but ultimately most of the songs they sing are not ones that I like. Or they take slightly edgy material and knock all the edge out of them. So here are my observations on the whole “Idol” thing….

Lauren: nice voice but spent a lot of time cloying up…and seemed kind of uncomfortable….I wish she’d spent more energy singing the Shania Twain song than trying her “moves” around the stage and winking into the camera. It sounded like she almost lost the rhythm at one point.

Casey: “with a little help from my friends”. I liked the parts where he kicks it into high gear…..But then he backs off and has these little “cute falsetto” sections which I’m not crazy about. But overall it was nice to hear. I think that “joe cocker” is much more “rock” which I miss. This was “rock lite”.

Ashton:  Nice smooth voice. But I was working on my computer and thought she was just some commercial in the background.  So nice, but not a lot of personality.

Paul: Starts out kind of low and almost out of tune? I like his energy. He seems the most genuine so far. But I kept waiting for it to kind of take off but it didn’t. Oh well.

Pia: OK, she’s scaring me talking about how much she likes Celine Dion.  But I guess we can’t all be Wilco fans like Randy. Nice voice really. But the first two “All By MY self” the “self” is too quiet. I don’t know how Celine sings it, but the line is repeated so much you have to take a stand on it I think. Pia has a problem deciding how to phrase the line because she changes it so much including a kind of warbly one towards the end. The crowd loves her powerful voice. I wish she was a little more understated.

James: He hopes he can get to be like Paul McCartney as well? Good luck dude because Paul actually _wrote_ Maybe I’m Amazed, in addition to signing the **** out of it. OK, James does have a great voice. I love the way he “hits” the chorus. I find his expressions a little ingratiating but I think his performance was the best so far. Great falsetto riff and overall a really great performance. I liked it.

2 hours? I didn’t know this show was two hours long….Criminal minds is coming on at 9!

Haley: Kind of nice but her little yodel thing is not so convincing. I guess that gal doesn’t quite have enough country for that song. But it was pretty. I agree with Randy that it was a little “sleepy and boring.”

Jacob: Nice soulful voice. Really hits it out of the park but I didn’t quite like the warbly falsetto. But overall really great. Solid!

Thia: Very sweet. Delicate voice and it’s nice to hear a little subtlety in the interpretation and just a bit of a funky interlude.

Scotty: Nice country guy. Seems like he’s trying hard to be 50 when he’s only 20? I’m not a fan of half step modulations (except the one in “Downtown”!). But overall nice, just not so special.

OK, that’s it. Kind of fell off the show when I watched Criminal Minds. Interesting experiment but I don’t think I’ll be back next week. Are all these shows 2 hours? Wow, I had no idea…..

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