Letter to Vic Toews

Here is the email I just sent to Vic Toews concerning the Conservative’s mean-spirited actions around Omar Khadr.

Mr. Toews: Your government made a deal with the Americans to get Omar Khadr, a Canadian citizen, back to Canada. You have delayed this action several times and are embarrassing our country. Why do you not honour the deal you made? Mr. Khadr was a child when the crimes he was alleged to commit happened and I have read several articles which cast doubt as to whether he was even involved in the war. Of course he confessed, so that he could leave the USA.

I am sure you are a reasonably smart person. You went to school, got a law degree and even taught a few courses at a university. Can you not see how your delays are cowardly and unbecoming an elected government of a G9 nation? You are making the USA look like the liberal folks here. You are also making it harder for the USA to move other prisoners out of Guantanamo and move past that regrettable part of their history.

I’m cc-ing my own MP Peter Braid as well.

Please come to your sense and do the right thing. Your stalling act embarrasses all Canadians.

2 responses to “Letter to Vic Toews

  1. Carolyn Moore

    Right on, Ted. Khadr has been detained inhumanely for a crime he might or might not have committed when he was a CHILD. The least we as Canadians can do is bring him home. Carolyn Moore

  2. Hey, it looks like my letter helped since the conservatives have finally brought Khadr back into the country!

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