Bombing, Drones, Capitalism and all that

I like Rick Salutin overall, and was disappointed when the Globe let him go, but he has written for the Star for a while. But his column today just annoyed me, so I wrote him a letter and sent it off. So his column is here.

And this is the letter I wrote him:

“But you could ask the same about the extreme free market ideologies that have taken root in Coyne and his colleagues at the Post. Were they “self-radicalized” — or seduced by devious outsiders? “

Rick: I often like your columns but it is sometimes difficult to find an argument there. Or perhaps you are like Montaigne, rooting through press clippings in your study, quoting almost at random and offering a few leftist sentiments to try and tie things together before the deadline.

So what exactly are you saying, that the USA meddles in other people’s business and they should expect some blow-back? Sure, indeed, but hardly an original thought. What about these drones you drone on about: do you really think the Boston bombing brothers were incensed about them and took them up as their cause?  Did they operate a “Down with Drones” website we have not heard about?

Most of your article is not that original, but it is kind of logical. But it would be easier to enact gun legislation that to stop the USA from being an imperial power. Is the devastation around the world a wake up call for the USA or the fact that 150 people died of gun violence in their own country during the week Boston took over the news? The answer is: both, but both will be ignored. Today’s news is Bangladesh and it is easier to be angry with people who buy too many cheap clothes.

But I’m writing about your ending: your facetious question about the Post and Coyne. I’m not sure when you woke up, but we live in a capitalist culture and have had one for a few centuries. The notion that it could be different floated in Paris for a few months in the 60s and was pretty much abandoned after that, except for a few university profs and newspaper columnists. So Andrew Coyne is “extreme” in Canada, but kind of middle of the road in the USA. I guess he got his ideas by growing up in a free market culture and he probably voted for Harper. Also, “and his colleagues at the Post” is a cheap shot. Dave Bidini writes for the post and many other fine folks do as well. I know it is easier to just hoist up the “Post” as an example of extremism, but it is lazy writing.

I will see what you are running up the flagpole next week.

Ted Parkinson
Kitchener, ON

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